Corporate Overview

Committed to Excellence

Lee & Associates RICORE Investment Management, Inc. is a regional real estate service company focused on the Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky real estate markets. Our long term presence in these markets allows us to provide our clients with sophisticated market knowledge. Market savvy, coupled with leading edge property and construction management practices, leasing and brokerage services makes Lee & Associates RICORE Investment Management the right choice for serious real estate investors.

Lee & Associates RICORE’s professionals adhere to two primary real estate investment principles:



We do this by understanding our clients’ investment objectives and formulating strategies to achieve these objectives in the context of the current and anticipated market forces. Specifically, our clients will experience Lee & Associates RICORE’s superior real estate investment modeling, strategic thought process, rent collection and operating expense escalation management, attention to detail and prompt and accurate financial reporting and accounting.

We invite you to contact us to discuss your specific real estate needs.

Our History

Lee & Associates RICORE Investment Management was founded in 2001 to provide local and institutional clients with highly customized and professional real estate services. Lee & Associates RICORE has grown into a regional real estate services company that provides Property Management and Acquisition Services, Construction Management and Development, Corporate Lease Administration, Leasing and Brokerage Services.

Lee & Associates RICORE’s management mandate is to provide our clients with thoughtful, efficient and proactive real estate services. We do this by attracting the best professionals in the markets we serve, directly aligning our business interests with our clients and actively seeking ways to improve our clients’ positions in their owned assets.

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