Stewart is a second-generation commercial real estate professional, who was born and raised in a commercial real estate family. While in high school and in college, at the University of Cincinnati, Stewart worked with his Dad, Jerry Devitt. He would go down to the courthouse to pull information regarding commercial buildings and their ownership in order to do appraisals and find comparable buildings that had recently sold.Stu

In 1987 he was licensed and began his professional career as a commercial realtor. Stewart has had partnership interest with a manufacturing company for eight years while managing his own real estate properties. He has been involved with the development, redevelopment, managing multi-tenant properties, as well as sale and lease of real estate. Stewart has focuses mainly on the industrial and office warehouse markets for the past 27 years.

Stewart joined Sperry Van Ness Real Estate Advisors in September of 2011. With him he brings an extensive knowledge of the Greater Cincinnati Commercial and Industrial Markets.

Stewart served on the advisory board at the Salvation Army, volunteered with the Boys Hope/Girls Hope organization, and with Rotary of Cincinnati.