As a leader in the real estate investment industry, Sperry Van Ness-RICORE has formulated team member and business conduct standards that not only contribute to our firm’s success, but also to the success of our many clients as we help them invest in their futures.

Be good to the people around you. Whether we’re interacting with a client, a vendor, or a team member, we should behave in a way that makes them feel better about themselves. Kindness, respect and generosity in business result in a strong network, customer relationships, and a cohesive, high-performing team.

Help your team members grow. If one team member isn’t reaching his or her potential in their field, then the client isn’t receiving the best possible service, and our company is wasting energy and valuable human resource. This contributes to a potential loss of profitability and further scarcity of our corporate resources. It is important to help strengthen team members to achieve our maximum potential as a business. We must build each other up with praise, support, and thoughtful teaching. Take pleasure in the accomplishments and growth of our team and team members.

Work with a team-oriented mindset. Each member of the team performs a vital and unique function. Competition for authority or power within the team causes discord. Just as there is one brain in the body, there is one leader to a team. The other members should perform their duties as delegated by the group leader. No matter your position in the team, own your responsibilities and communicate often.

Show followership. Be a constructive team member and have trust in your leaders. Show support and compassion for your leaders and followers. Give advice considerately, and be approachable and welcoming of advice and communication from others.

Be a cultural leader. Bring out the best in those around you. Promoting positivity within your team not only improves workplace dynamic between co-workers, but also carries over to interactions with clients and vendors, leading to more satisfied customers, higher productivity, and more driven teams.

Service the client. We should be able to concisely define what our client wants. If we can’t, it’s unlikely that we will meet our customer’s needs and expectations. Our customers deserve our undivided attention and best performance. We should not only understand and meet their current requirements, but should also anticipate their future needs. We must communicate with our customers often and learn how we can more effectively provide for them.

By implementing these principles of success, Lee & Associates RICORE-RICORE has created an environment where teams thrive, customer’s profit, and everyone succeeds.

John Rickert

John Rickert


John Rickert is the Principal-Executive Managing Director of Sperry Van Ness-RICORE Investment Management, Inc., and can  be contacted at 513.272.6800