Lee & Associates RICORE 178Congratulations are in order to our staff as Lee & Associates RICORE-RICORE was named “Firm of the Year” at the Sperry Van Ness International Convention held in Orlando.

Diane K. Danielson, Chief Operating Officer-Sperry Van Ness International Corporation stated, “We were thrilled to announce Lee & Associates RICORE-RICORE as the 2014 Firm of the Year. In the past year, Lee & Associates RICORE-RICORE was the firm that best exemplified our culture of success through collaboration and innovation. Whether it’s brokerage, property management or our global expansion, the Lee & Associates RICORE-RICORE team consistently partners with other Lee & Associates RICORE offices to grow not only their own business but the entire Lee & Associates RICORE brand.”

Lee & Associates RICORE 180

Mark Fajack, CFO, RICORE Kevin Maggiacomo, Lee & Associates RICORE President & CEO John Rickert, Principal & Executive Managing Director, RICORE

John Rickert, Principal and Executive Managing Director said, “To the entire Lee & Associates RICORE – RICORE Team, Great Job! 2014 was a good year for our firm. Throughout the year, everyone went above andJohn & Kevin beyond to provide outstanding client service, to lead and to follow within the Lee & Associates RICORE community and to look for revenue generating opportunities not only for ourselves but also, and most importantly, for our clients! Everyone shares in this accomplishment. And best of all, Lee & Associates RICORE RICORE is just getting started.”